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Hurt and Healing: people, texts, and material culture in the Eastern Mediterranean

The 19th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

Saturday 2 June 2018

G51, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham

9:00–9:30 Registration & Coffee

9:30–9:45 Opening Remarks

9:45-10:30 Keynote

Byzantine Routes and Frontiers And the Hagiographical Dossier of St Eugenios 

Jim Crow (University of Edinburgh)

10:30–12.10 Panel 1- From Collective Trauma to Reconstruction

Chair: Archie Dunn

On how to treat the Traumas of Conquest: The Implementation of Ottoman Rule in mid-15th Century Macedonia, The Case of the vilayet of Kastoria

Dimitrios Lamprakis (University of Birmingham)

Hurting the weaker to appease the mightier: Manuel I, Venice, and the relocation of the Pisan quarter

Daniele Morossi (University of Leeds)

From the Darkness Came Light: The Emergence of a New ‘Working Class’ in 6th and 7th Centuries Byzantium

Aristotelis Nayfa (The University of Edinburgh)

The Gothic trauma? Looking for evidence of the effect of the 5th-century settlement of Goths in the Pieria area (Northern Greece)

Kyriakos Fragkoulis (University of Birmingham)

12:10–12:25 Tea and Coffee

12:25 –13:40 Panel 2- Medical discourses: on Healing and the Psyche

Chair: Ruth Macrides

Re-Reading the portrait of Empress Elisabeth of Vienna: visual arts, psychoanalysis, pre-feminism. A palimpsest via the literary and artistic strategies of the superego

Stella-Alkistis Moysidou (Cambridge)

Masonry, Medicine, and Monotheism: the Conversion of the Volga Bulgars in the Kyssa’i Yusuf, the Risāla of ibn Fadlān and the Tārīkh-i- Bulghār

Alex Feldman (University of Birmingham)

Healing the blind. Description of miracles performed by Saints.

Nikolaidou Evanthia (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

13:40–14:40 Lunch

14:40–16:20 Panel 3: Dealing with Unhealed Wounds

Chair: Dimitris Tziovas

A trauma that was never healed: depicting the 200 of Kaisariani as heroes and/or victims in Rita Boume-Papa’s Οι Διακόσοι (1944)

Anastasia Tantarouda-Papaspyrou (University of Birmingham)

Antonin Artaud and Romos Filiras: Towards a comparative approach of personal trauma as an element of poetic narrative.

Nikoleta Kouti-Spyrantzou (University of Athens)

Healing the Body Politic and Corporal: Revolutionary Doctors in the late Ottoman Empire

Christin Zurbach (University of California, Berkeley)

Synthesis between Byzantine and Coptic Eucharistic rites in the Celtic Church – a starting point for healing the rift.

Melangell Roe-Stevens Smith (University of Birmingham)

16:20–16:35 Tea and Coffee

16:35–18:15 Panel 4: Spaces of  Hurting and Healing

Chair: Daniel Reynolds

Sacred spaces, stolen spaces, Saving spaces

Michael Burling (University of Birmingham)

Constructing the ethereal and earthly bond between pilgrimage and the holy spring: A case study of the Hagiasma of Philip the Apostle

Tülay Yeşiltaş (University of Birmingham)

Athens in Late Antiquity: Christianizing pagan buildings

Panagiota Mantouvalou (University of Birmingham)

Art of Healing and Healing Saints in the Art of Byzantine Cappadocia

Şükran Köse Ünser (Hacettepe University)

18:15-18:30 Closing Remarks

19.00 Wine Reception